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Granite County Sheriff’s Office Partners with Othram to Identify a Man found in the Welcome Creek Wilderness

Granite County John Doe was found over 7 years ago in the Welcome Creek Wilderness by hikers


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Published April 23, 2021


In August 2014 a backpacker was hours into a hike through the Welcome Creek Wilderness, above Bidwell Gulch, when he came across human skeletal remains. The Granite County Sheriff was promptly notified and began an investigation. Investigators determined the remains most likely belonged to a white male, around age 30 to 45 and 6’ 0” at the time of his death. Granite County John Doe had hiking gear surrounding him where he was found. Included amongst his belongs were Dramamine tablets, dated between 2011-2013, Rocky Snake size 10/11 boots, a SOG sheath knife, and a CVS Pharmacy medication bottle. There were few other clues available. A search of dental records did not return a match. Likewise, an STR profile built from the skeletal remains did not return a match in CODIS.

In 2021, the Granite County Sheriff’s Office, assisted by the Missoula County Sheriff’s Office partnered with Othram, Inc. to help identify Granite County John Doe or his next of kin. Anyone with information that might aid the investigation is encouraged to contact the Granite County Sheriff’s Office at (406) 859-3251. Please refer to case number 214CR0001677. A DNASolves fund has been established to cover the costs of testing for this case. The case is additionally logged in NamUs as UP13962.

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