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Your DNA Could Help Solve a Crime

Help law enforcement identify victims, missing persons, and perpetrators of crimes

Connected World

We are all genetically related to one-another. Genetic genealogy uses DNA information in combination with genealogical and historical records to establish relationships between even the most distantly related individuals. This is a substantial improvement in human identification capability from current forensic testing methods that enable exact or near exact matches. When you contribute your DNA data, you help identify victims, missing persons, and perpetrators of crimes — even if you are a distant genetic relative.

How You Can Help

Your DNA information can help us identify individuals from crime scenes

Find Suspects

Analyzing DNA from many people allows law enforcement to better identify individuals from crime scenes.

Identify Victims

Genetic genealogy research can find nearest living relatives of unidentified or missing persons.

Close Cases

Your data helps to establish investigative leads that enable law enforcement to close cold cases.

Privacy is our Priority

Advanced security and encryption safeguards your data

  • Family
    Your data is used exclusively to aid human identification investigations in order to help law enforcement resolve cases.
  • Family
    Your data is never shared for other purposes, such as medical research.
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    We never allow the public to search or match against your data.