Help a family heal for the holidays

Help reunite the missing and unidentified with their families. Secure justice for those affect by violent crime.

TL;DR: As the year comes to a close, please consider helping us fund efforts to solve more “unsolvable” cases or subscribe to support the DNASolves® platform as a whole.

I want to thank everyone that followed Solved Mysteries in 2021. I started this newsletter to share stories about cases that have been solved by uniting cutting-edge DNA tech with the passion of the public. Browse some of these stories to get an idea of how new technology has closed cases that have been unsolved for decades, bringing peace of mind and some closure to families.

If there was one take home point that I could share with you all, it would be that there is technology available right now to solve “unsolvable” cases. The barrier to solving these cases is not a scientific or technological one, but rather a funding barrier. This needs to change.

Furthermore, we can no longer accept outcomes short of solving cases . We do not need to clear or end the backlog. We need to solve the backlog .

You can help us on this mission:

  1. Check out unsolved cases that need funding on DNASolves®. Help fund a case .

  2. You can subscribe to DNASolves® if you want to help all cases. Starting 2022 there will also be special perks (e.g. exclusive content) for folks that subscribe.

  3. If you want to see what is possible with this technology or share it with others, check out recent announcements by law enforcement .

  4. Finally, join discussion at our Facebook group, DNASolves® Advocates .

There is always someone waiting for answers. We need to match what we know and our genuine sympathy, with an urgency to provide answers. The family and friends of victims will not be around forever, and once they are gone then the opportunity to do right by them is lost. A little bit of funding can go a long way, in helping piece together families shattered by the loss of a loved one.

I hope everyone has a great holiday and I am truly grateful to any of you that can help us close out the year with as many funded cases as possible.

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